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More Big Chief Studios Thunderbirds Character Previews!

We’re very excited to see more Big Chief Studios Thunderbirds Character preview images, released today by Big Chief on their Facebook page.  ...

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Cosplayers Are Go!

Young fans of Gerry Anderson’s creations have been dressing up as their favourite characters for more than 50 years, but in the 21st...

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Big Chief Studios Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet Figures Revealed!

Big Chief Studios Thunderbirds are go! And so is Captain Scarlet! Some stunning teaser images of Big Chief Studios Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet...

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Thunderbirds Raygun Replica

The classic International Rescue raygun from Thunderbirds is an iconic prop and one that fans have been wanting to get their hands on for over...


Thunderbirds Are (LE)GO!

Last year saw the production of three brand new classic episodes of Thunderbirds, using the same techniques that were pioneered by the team...

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Anderson Artist Shoutout!

Many Gerry Anderson fans know me for my Anderson themed artwork. In fact, with almost 70 Anderson specific images on my deviant art page (shameless...

UFO helicopter inspires project zero

UFO Helicopter Inspires New Helicopter

At the Paris Air Show the Finmeccanica subsidiary showed off an exotic tiltrotor aircraft called Project Zero that’s powered by lithium batteries. It flies, but...

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