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Cosplayers Are Go!

Young fans of Gerry Anderson’s creations have been dressing up as their favourite characters for more than 50 years, but in the 21st century, it’s not just the young fans who get to become their childhood heroes, because now the grown ups are joining in as the world of cosplayers continues to grow!

Spectrum Cosplayers at Birmingham MCM Comic Con

Spectrum cosplayers
Spectrum on patrol!                                    Spectrum Photographs courtesy of Michael James Nicholls and Jason Ivan.

Spectrum were well represented at the Birmingham MCM Comic Con by no less than four Captains! After the event, the admin of the costuming group C21 shared their experience with us:

“Our team comprised of Christopher Daniels as Captain Scarlet, Richard Nicholls as Captain Ochre, Jason Ivan as Captain Black, all from C21, and we had a guest Captain Blue courtesy of Bristol Cosplay!

The public loved us – we brought back so many warm memories for so many people who attended the Con. There is still a great deal of affection for the shows – there were those who were fans from the original broadcasts to those who discovered them in the nineties and beyond. Our aim to see that Gerry’s work was represented in the plethora of Star Wars, Comic Book and Manga costumers exceeded expectation. To quote Richard Nicholls “we could barely walk a few metres without being mobbed!” The feedback has fantastic – and we have gained extra members to the group.

Our next mission is as official Cosplayers at the Games Expo in June, this will include a short Captain Scarlet stage skit to celebrate 50 years of the show. Spectrum Is Green!”

Find out more about the C21 team at their official Facebook page!

Colonel Steve Zodiac

Commander of the pride of the World Space Patrol, Fireball XL5, Roger Smith is sporting Steve’s signature space gear and two models of the iconic spacecraft!


Maria Gray has brought Marina to life with this out-of-this-ocean cosplay, and is accompanied by her trusty pet seal, Oink. Read more about Maria’s cosplaying adventure here!

The efforts of cosplayers have not gone unnoticed by Official Gerry Anderson, as Jamie Anderson shares his reaction:

“We’ve seen a recent increase in cosplayers taking on Gerry Anderson characters – and I think it’s absolutely fantastic! The recent appearances of a large contingent of Spectrum agents, plus Steve Zodiac from Fireball XL5 and Marina from Stingray have been brilliant.

So – to those cosplaying Gerry Anderson characters (or thinking about doing it) – thank you! Please keep up the amazing work. It’s wonderful to see these iconic characters and shows brought to life in this very special way at events all over the world.

And please send in your cosplay photos. We’ll be giving a small prize to our favourites each month. Send your photos to [email protected]!”

Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.

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