Anderson Events at Hay Festival

At this year’s Hay Festival, Anderson fans will get a chance to hear MG Harris and Jamie Anderson speak about Gemini Force One: Black Horizon, as well as Captain Scarlet voice actor Liz Morgan talking about her new historical novel: Ticket to Paradise.

Beyond Gemini Force One

In Beyond Gemini Force One, MG Harris and Jamie Anderson present an audio-visual tour of the background, design and influences behind GF1. This is your chance to hear all the behind-the-scenes publishing secrets, including the exciting story of how the worldwide community of Thunderbirds fans helped to bring the final Gerry Anderson project to the page.

Tickets for the event on Saturday 23rd May can be booked via the Hay Festival website.

Ticket to Paradise

Elizabeth Morgan will be launching her historical novel Ticket To Paradise at Hay Festival too. The event, which takes place on Sunday 31 May at 2.30pm on the Good Energy Stage, will feature readings by Elizabeth Morgan and Richard Harrington, star of Hinterland and Bleak House.

A story of heroic endurance, Ticket to Paradise is historical fiction at its best. Based on the true story of the mass emigration from Wales to Patagonia 150 years ago, the novel includes a wealth of characters brought vividly to life who populate this tale of battles against injustice, bitter rivalries and the terrible forces of nature. At its core is the story of one family’s quest to carve out a better life for themselves and their descendants.


Elizabeth Morgan is a writer and actor from Llanelli, Wales. Besides her four books, thirty-four of her plays and several of her short stories have been performed in the theatre, on television and on BBC Radio 4. A versatile actor on stage and screen, she famously performed with Sir Anthony Hopkins in Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood, and is known to legions of fans for voicing Destiny and Rhapsody Angel in Gerry Anderson’s much-loved Captain Scarlet.

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