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#CheersGerryAnderson – Celebrate His Amazing Legacy

#CheersGerryAnderson – Celebrate His Amazing Legacy Gerry Anderson passed away on Boxing Day 2012, exactly 8 years ago today. For many Anderson fans,...

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New Gerry Anderson Audio Collection Releases!

Three new full-length audiobooks from the World of Gerry Anderson are on the way! Stand by for action in stories from Into Infinity,...


Podcast Interview with M.G. Harris Completing Gerry Anderson’s Final Project

This week’s podcast features an interview with M.G. Harris — known for her best-selling book series ‘The Joshua Files’. She was also tasked...

Gerry Anderson Books
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The Gerry Anderson Book Countdown for World Book Day!

Kids all over the world are dressing up as their favourite literary characters! You may not want to dress up, but here are...


Gemini Force One Ghost Mine Released!

The second book in Gerry Anderson’s posthumously-completed Gemini Force One book series is officially published today. Gemini Force One Ghost Mine is the follow up...

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Gemini Force One Ghost Mine Out Next Week!

GF1: Ghost Mine Blasting Off 3rd September 2015 The second book in the posthumously completed series from Gerry Anderson – the creator of Thunderbirds...


Anderson Events at Hay Festival

At this year’s Hay Festival, Anderson fans will get a chance to hear MG Harris and Jamie Anderson speak about Gemini Force One:...


Channeling Gerry Anderson – Writing Gemini Force One

MG Harris has completed Gemini Force One: Black Horizon and is now working on the second book – “Ghost Mine”. We asked her...


Gemini Force One Secures Global Publishing Deal with Orion

Successful Kickstarter project: GERRY ANDERSON’S GEMINI FORCE ONE, is to be published by Gollancz in 2014 and Orion Children’s Books in 2015 in a deal...


GF1 Character profile: Ben Carrington

BENEDICT CARRINGTON (16) British/Austrian (TAURUS) Ben is desperate to join GEMINI FORCE but his mother won’t allow him anything but ride-alongs, and the...

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