GF1 Character profile: Ben Carrington


British/Austrian (TAURUS)

Ben is desperate to join GEMINI FORCE but his mother won’t allow him anything but ride-alongs, and the occasional training exercise. Even this, only while he’s on holiday from school. He’s more physical than intellectual, didn’t do brilliantly at school and wanted to join the army but his father made him swear not to do this until he reaches 21.

BC panel

Ben sees GEMINI FORCE as a fast-track to an exciting future with the rescuers. However, because of his youth and inexperience, he feels constantly under pressure to prove himself to the others.

Ben is a keen climber and skier, having been partly raised on his mother’s Tyrolean family estate in Austria. Fluent in English and German. At his father’s insistence, Ben attends boarding school in Oxfordshire.

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