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#CheersGerryAnderson – Celebrate His Amazing Legacy

#CheersGerryAnderson – Celebrate His Amazing Legacy

Gerry Anderson passed away on Boxing Day 2012, exactly 8 years ago today. For many Anderson fans, it is a bittersweet time of year as we remember hearing the reports of his passing on the news and social media.

However, rather than focusing on losing the great man, we feel there is no better way to pay tribute to his extraordinary career and vision than by asking fans from all over the world to celebrate his amazing legacy with us.

Gerry Anderson and son Jamie

Join The Celebration Now!

Today, we invite you to head on to social media and share all your best Gerry Anderson memories using the hashtag #CheersGerryAnderson

It can be anything you like; memories of meeting Gerry, discussing your favourite episode, a photo of an Anderson-related item you got for Christmas, or even something you’re hoping to see in 2021! And the more the merrier, so share the hashtag far and wide, not forgetting to retweet the messages from your fellow fans! Let’s fill social media with positive messages for fans and non-fans alike!

New YouTube Series Launching Today!

As part of the celebration of Gerry’s fantastic work, we’re launching a brand new series of Century 21 Tech Talk, featuring Jon Culshaw as General Ed Straker!

You can check out the first episode right here:

So let’s send #CheersGerryAnderson around the world, bringing smiles to everyone who reads the messages. Today is not the day to be sad, it’s a celebration of a remarkable man, an amazing career and an enduring legacy. 

Have a FAB Christmas and an SIG New Year!

Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.

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