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Thunderbirds: The Flight Before Christmas! – A Gerry Anderson News Story

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
Not a Tracy was stirring, nor even a mouse;
The moon was shining, the stars twinkled too,
When from the chimney, there came an ‘ACHOOO’;

Virgil woke first, he was followed by Scott,
They ran to the lounge, to see what was what;
When there by the doorway, dressed all in red,
Stood old Santa Claus, with coal dust on his head;

‘My boys’, cried Saint Nick, ‘Are you game for a rescue?’,
‘Why, sure Santa!’ they said, ‘So, how can we help you?’;
Poor Santa’s Sleigh, though quick as a flash,
Had chosen that night, to finally crash;

‘There’s no time to lose, we need Thunderbird 2’,
Virgil was ready, he knew what to do,
He stood to attention, next to the wall,
The painting rotated and he started to fall;

Alan rushed in, with Gordon in tow,
‘You forgot about us, we want to go’;
‘We’ll all go together’, said Scott with a grin,
There’s plenty of room to fit us all in;

Dressed in their gear, they boarded the craft,
The cliff face dropped, and let in a draft;
The palm trees fell down, the runway was clear,
The ramp raised them up, as they gave a cheer;

The motors engaged, they were off with a blast,
Their mission began, but how long would it last?;
‘Where first, Sir?’, asked Virgil with glee,
Santa replied, ‘The house by the sea’;

The McClaine’s were asleep, as they reached Culver Bay,
That quaint little cottage, right out of the way;
Scott left their gifts, safe under the tree,
Then back to the roof, there was much more to see;

Cloudbase was next, floating up high,
Presents for Spectrum’s HQ in the sky;
Alan brought candies, scarves and socks too,
Some were for Scarlet, some were for Blue;

Then to Marineville, covered in snow,
Luckily Gordon knew just where to go;
To Stingray’s Pen, he scurried with care,
Leaving the Aquanauts’ presents right there;

Next, Santa pointed to SHADO HQ,
‘Hold it, boys, we’re going there too’;
For Straker and Freeman, Virgil left new suits,
For Ellis and Lake, the most stylish boots;

The stop that came next, seemed so out of place,
But Thunderbird 2 was heading for space;
To reach Moonbase Alpha, with its fate so tragic,
They’d need a big boost, and some Santa magic;

Koenig and Russell were in for a shock,
When they woke in the morning and opened their sock;
Tony and Maya, Paul and Victor too,
Santa had brought gifts, for the whole Moonbase crew;

Their gifts all delivered, they headed for base,
In the cockpit each boy, had a smile on his face;
Yet as the morning grew lighter, and it started to dawn,
Each Tracy boy there, had started to yawn;

Back to the island, they knew the way,
And that genius Brains, had mended the sleigh;
The chimes of the clock, rang their final bell,
They were home once again, and everything well;

They said their goodbyes, and crept up to bed,
Santa smiled warmly, nodding his head,
‘Take care now boys, and thanks for the flight,
‘Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight’

Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.

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