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New Gerry Anderson Audio Collection Releases!

Three new full-length audiobooks from the World of Gerry Anderson are on the way! Stand by for action in stories from Into Infinity, Gemini Force One and Space Precinct.

Gerry Anderson Audio Collection - PlanetfallInto Infinity – Planetfall is based on the characters and situations created for the 1970s television pilot, The Day After Tomorrow, starring Nick Tate and Brian Blessed. This exciting audiobook sequel is written by science fiction author Gregory L Norris and narrated by Robbie Stevens.

The light ship Altares and her crew plummet through the maw of a powerful black hole and emerge in a strange new universe. Running low on fuel and in need of repairs, Captain Harry Masters pilots the spaceship into orbit around an Earth-like planet. But before the crew can make planetfall, they must first attempt a dangerous manoeuvre to reach the towering gas clouds at the limit of the star system in order to refuel.

Soon, the crew of Altares find themselves trapped between the malevolent alien force roused from slumber beneath the city and preparing for war in orbit, and a dangerous enemy from the Earth itself bent on seizing control of the light ship so far away from home…

Producer Jamie Anderson said: “Norris does great justice to the original pilot while adding new storylines and character development. Planetfall also retains the educational element that NBC intended for the Into Infinity TV series – to teach children about the destructive impact humans can have on the environment – a topic which is still highly relevant today.”

Into Infinity – Planetfall is now available to own as a digital download and you can order it from the Gerry Anderson Store!

And two more audiobooks from the World of Gerry Anderson will also be available to download soon; Gemini Force One – Ghost Mine and Space Precinct – Revisited.

Gerry Anderson Audio Collection - Ghost MineGemini Force One is the Thunderbirds-esque international rescue series begun by Gerry Anderson before his death in 2012 and completed as a series of novels by Joshua Files author, MG Harris. This second audiobook adaptation will be narrated by Wayne Forester.

After the tragic death of his father, Ben Carrington’s mother teams up with a wealthy entrepreneur to form an elite, top-secret rescue organisation: Gemini Force. Ben is determined to become part of the team, but first he must prove he has what it takes to face dangerous situations and save lives.

In Ghost Mine, news reaches Gemini Force of a gang of illegal ‘ghost’ miners trapped after a South African mining disaster. Ben is glad to spring into action with the team. But it soon emerges that the company, Auron, doesn’t want its miners found. Ben must work out who to trust if he’s to ensure that Gemini Force pulls off its most difficult mission yet.

Producer Jamie Anderson said: “Ghost Mine takes the development of the central character to the next level; being the first time Ben’s role focuses on rescue. The mining aspect references real life scenarios and the diving-based scene links very closely to inspiration from Thunderbirds. It’s a dark adventure rescue tale not to be missed”.

Gerry Anderson Audio Collection - Space Precinct RevisitedFinally, Space Precinct – Revisited contains four new adventures for the officers of Precinct 88! Space Precinct was originally a 1990s science fiction cop show that combined a mix of elements from Anderson’s previous series such as Space: 1999, Thunderbirds and UFO. This audiobook version was written and narrated by Richard James.

Kernel Panic
When a notorious gangster threatens the Station House, it falls to the one person who knows its systems inside out to save the day; Slomo!

Everything Must Go!
Hundreds of people gather for the grand opening of a new orbiting shopping mall – only to find themselves held hostage by a gang of Human Future activists.

Point Blank
A mayoral candidate is gunned down in broad daylight. A gun is found with no prints or DNA evidence. Can Brogan and Haldane find the killer before they strike again?

The Changeling
Following a routine drugs bust, Officer Castle starts to behave very strangely, indeed. After placing Officer Took in extreme danger, questions are asked concerning her conduct.

Producer Jamie Anderson said: “Having Richard James write this story and read it brings authenticity because he starred in the original show – an aspect I know many fans will appreciate.”

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Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.

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