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Gerry Anderson on the BBC (part 4) – 2002 to 2014

Continued from Part 3… 2002 Having failed to find a consistent timeslot for the series during 2001, could the BBC keep Stingray in...


FAB Facts: The Lost Musical Score of Into Infinity

Derek Wadsworth provided the score for Into Infinity, also known as The Day After Tomorrow. This was the score that got him the...

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New Gerry Anderson Audio Collection Releases!

Three new full-length audiobooks from the World of Gerry Anderson are on the way! Stand by for action in stories from Into Infinity,...

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Gerry Anderson Audiobook Series Co-production Announced

22 May 2020 – Anderson Entertainment and Big Finish Productions have struck a deal to extend the collection of Gerry Anderson audiobooks and...

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Into Infinity: Planetfall

With the release of the brand new INTO INFINITY: PLANETFALL novel, Robert E. Wood provides a little bit of info about author Gregory Norris,...

Gerry Anderson Books
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The Gerry Anderson Book Countdown for World Book Day!

Kids all over the world are dressing up as their favourite literary characters! You may not want to dress up, but here are...

Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson north america
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Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson Hits America!

The collection of rare works from the Supermarionation maestro – the Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson – are now available in North America...

Day After Tomorrow Novelisation
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New The Day After Tomorrow Novelisation!

Anderson Entertainment is proud to announce the upcoming release of a new The Day After Tomorrow Novelisation by Gregory L Norris, edited by...

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UFO: The Complete Comic Collection