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Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson Hits America!

Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson north america

The collection of rare works from the Supermarionation maestro – the Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson – are now available in North America thanks to MPI Home Video!

Before the age of computer animation there were the very inventive – and super cool – marionette adventures created by Gerry Anderson. His global hit series were TV staples of the 1960s and ’70s, and now many of his rarely seen works are available for the first time on DVD in a new collection from MPI Home Video. THE LOST WORLDS OF GERRY ANDERSON will thrill fans old and new. The set was released on November 14, 2017.

Gerry Anderson is a pop culture icon who created some of the most influential and unique series in television history – futuristic superhero adventures using puppets. He scored incredible successes throughout the 1960s, ’70s and beyond with Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, UFO, Supercar, Stingray, Fireball XL5 and other series shot in “Supermarionation” that appealed to children and adults alike.

THE LOST WORLDS OF GERRY ANDERSON presents for the first time on DVD a collection of rare films from the writer, producer, director and voice artist. The two-disc set features hours of sought-after programs and pilots that never went to full series. From his never-before-seen early puppet film “Here Comes Kandy” to the final segment of the 1980s stop-motion animated comedy series Dick Spanner, P.I., they’re all here waiting to be discovered.

Included are Gerry’s pilot films, such as “The Investigator,” the last puppet film from the original key crew, and “The Day After Tomorrow,” starring Nick Tate, who played Eagle Pilot Alan Carter in Space: 1999 as well as renowned British actor Brian Blessed (Flash Gordon and Star Wars: Episode 1– The Phantom Menace.) a rarely seen telemovie pilot that spanned the production of his hit live-action series Space: 1999.

Also from the Anderson archives is the pilot “Space Police,” a sci-fi adventure that went on to serve as the template for Gerry’s science fiction favourite Space Precinct (which is also to receive a comic release – Space Precinct Reloaded!).

At last, Anderson fans can complete their collections with these groundbreaking moments, and finally, catch a glimpse of these long-lost works from the incredible imagination of Gerry Anderson.

You can grab your copy from the MPI website right now! UK and European fans can still get a copy from the Gerry Anderson Store – find a region 2 version of the Lost Worlds DVD right here.

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