Ask Zelda from Terrahawks Anything!

Zelda from Terrahawks is preparing to open up to the world for the first time. She has today announced her ‘Ask Zelda’ campaign, and has sent the following message:

I, Zelda – queen of the planet Guk – will be taking questions from you – my unwilling subjects to-be.

I will allow all earth scum to put their questions to me using the hashtag #AskZelda. You may submit your questions via Facebook (on the Terrahawks page), Twitter or YouTube by using the hashtag.

You must submit your questions by 6pm on 1st March 2015. The very best questions will be answered by me in a transmission from Mars at the beginning of April 2015.

Questions may be on any theme including, but not limited to:

The disgusting Terrahawks
My family and personal history
Entertainment and culture
Anything else you want to ask!

But remember. Keep it clean. My total annihilation of the earth is supposed to be family friendly you know!



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