A freelance Artist and Film-maker based on a not so secret island in the East Atlantic. Grew up up on the Anderson series reruns in the 90s and have always strived to create works that are as interesting and exciting.

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BRACE Alzheimers research

On Boxing Day 2012, Gerry Anderson passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Particularly in his final years Gerry was keen...


A new Terrahawks Vehicle: Designing the Tomahawk

I remember discovering Terrahawks in HMV back in 2004 and getting really into it, it was like unearthing some sort of lost treasure....


The Journey to 2065: Anderson Science Fiction and Fact

“I wish I was a Spaceman” Separating Anderson science fact from science fiction Sadly one of the pitfalls of being a Gerry Anderson...

FunLost Worlds

Designing Five Star Five

A Lost Gerry Anderson Treasure? Sadly many of the productions Gerry Anderson developed never made it to completion. For some the holy grail of...


Space: 1999 Fan Film – The Passenger. Spoiler-free Review

Fan films have been around for a while and within the last few years have come on by leaps and bounds. For those...


A Sense of Scale

As most Gerry Anderson shows are set in far-off futures, showcasing incredible feats of engineering – it is no secret that in the...


Stingray: Anything can happen in the next half hour

As you already know, two Anderson shows share milestone Anniversaries later this year, “Stingray” and “Space Precinct”. For both shows I am going...


Gerry Anderson Concept Designs – What might have been

Many of the shows Gerry Anderson produced featured extremely imaginative visions of the future, buildings, vehicles, etc. Some of these, such as the Thunderbirds have...


The Science of UFO: The Interceptor

The S.H.A.D.O Interceptor is one of the most Iconic designs from UFO. Originally designed by Mike Trim and then revised by Derek Meddings....

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection