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On Boxing Day 2012, Gerry Anderson passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Particularly in his final years Gerry was keen to use his standing to help educate people about the disease as well as helping to promote events that aid in fund-raising. Following Gerry’s death, this is something we are keen to continue and next week (15-21st May) is Dementia Awareness Week.

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Dementia is a term referring to a group of diseases of which Alzheimer’s is the most common. It can reduce cognitive function and massively affect the memory.

BRACE Alzheimer’s Research is a UK based charity that is trying to help defeat dementia through funding medical research. To do this they provide grants to research teams operating in universities and hospitals in West England and South Wales, their small Geographical policy meaning that the funding can be used for greatest effect. The final goal is to identify, understand and then hopefully cure the disease. They raise their funds through voluntary donations, sponsorship, legacies and fundraising events.

You can learn more about BRACE here: http://www.alzheimers-brace.org

Over the next week BRACE will be launching a social media campaign to help promote what they do and encouraging ways for you to donate and get involved.

Keep an eye out for the various events we will be retweeting on Twitter over the next week.


Written by
Chris Thompson

A freelance Artist and Film-maker based on a not so secret island in the East Atlantic. Grew up up on the Anderson series reruns in the 90s and have always strived to create works that are as interesting and exciting.

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