BKSTS Introduce the Gerry Anderson Award for VFX

Anderson Entertainment and the BKSTS are proud to announce the introduction of a new Award, created in memory of film producer and effects maestro, Gerry Anderson.

Gerry was a great supporter of the BKSTS, recognising the wealth of knowledge and experience that the Society holds in all areas of technology and craft in both Film and Television. He was an Honorary Fellow of the Society, and was the first ever recipient in 2006 of the Matthew Allwork Award which is given to a British Citizen for innovation and quality in film and television production.


Jamie Anderson, Gerry’s son, said, “Dad was always so proud of his association with BKSTS; this award bearing his name would have meant a huge amount to him.” Jamie has kindly agreed to present this Award in its inaugural year.

The Gerry Anderson Award for VFX is given to an individual or organisation making a highly significant artistic or technical contribution to the advancement of film or television visual effects. For 2013, it is to be given to Richard Bain, for his outstanding work over many years.

Richard gained a Graphics BA (Hons) at Norwich School of Art and Design (1984). He commenced his career working at Quantel demonstrating its pioneering VFX system ‘Harry’. He was soon recognised for his creative talent and joined the Moving Picture Company where he brought to life the Anchor butter dancing cows and in the early 90’s pioneered the use of the Cineon system at MPC’s Digital Film division.

He moved to the Computer Film Company in Los Angeles where he continued to work on digital VXF Films. Richard returned to the UK in the late 90’s and returned to MPC and then moved to Double Negative. Richard currently works as a freelance Visual Effects Supervisor. Richard’s work includes, Tomb Raider 2, The Brothers Grimm, King Kong, Casino Royale, Harry Potter, Inception and Les Miserables.

The Award will be presented at BFI Southbank on Thursday 7th March 2013, as part of the annual Bernard Happe Lecture and Awards Event. Full details of the event can be found on the BKSTS website

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