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The Real Thunderbird 2

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Thunderbird 2’s radical design has finally been adopted for a real aircraft – nearly 50 years after it’s original design by Derek Meddings for Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds.

The real Thunderbird 2 created by Aeros’ Aviation Division, is in fac called “the Aeroscraft” and is a Rigid Variable Buoyancy Air Vehicle that is designed to control lift in all stages of air or ground operations, including the ability to offload cargo without re-ballasting. It is being hailed as the vertical transportation solution for the next 100 years.

The Aeroscraft is not a blimp, zeppelin or a hybrid vehicle. It is a new type of aircraft built with a suite of new technologies by Aeros.

The current 260 ft long vehicle is a demonstrator for the upcoming ML 866 Aeroscraft model which will be 500 ft long and have 66-ton cargo capacity— engineered by Aeros to take off and land upright at maximum gross weight. The Aeroscraft, with its 66-ton (and potentially 500-ton payload) was developed to provide transportation and logistics options for large cargoes bound across remote and ecologically sensitive location

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