Build Your Own Cubes from Terrahawks

Have you ever wanted your own Cubes from Terrahawks? The nice folks over at the Toy Polloi YouTube channel have a bit of a penchant for Terrahawks, but this time they’ve taken it one step further by creating a video about how to make your very own Cubes from Terrahawks. Zelda’s cubes were missing from the original toyline, so Toy Polloi have set out to redress the balance, and we think they’ve done a pretty fantastic job!

“I really love the Bandai Terrahawks toy line but was always disappointed that the figures were a bit one-sided. 7 goodies to 1 baddie doesn’t seem a fair fight. So time to fix that and make my own scratch-built versions of Zeldas Cubes. Using styrene sheets, plastic weld and some new custom stickers, check out what I was able to create.”

You can pick up the sticker sheet from Toy Polloi’s website.

And if you want to enjoy more Terrahawks goodness then check out our Terrahawks playlist on the official Gerry Anderson YouTube channel.

Or check out our selection of Terrahawks merchandise that you can pick up from the official Gerry Anderson Store!


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