Zeroid spotting! The Zeroid personnel roster

In their ongoing battle against the forces of Zelda, the Terrahawks had at their command an army of lovable robotic spheres known as...


Terrahawks: From Zelda With Love! – A Gerry Anderson A21 News Story

The man in black barely made a sound as he crept between the shadows of the alleyways in Bereznik’s Old Quarter. Agent Nine...

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Free Terrahawks Audio Episodes from Big Finish!

Free Terrahawks Audio Episodes from Big Finish! Those wonderful folks at Big Finish have unveiled some fantastic deals on their Terrahawks range! You can...

Cubes from Terrahawks

Build Your Own Cubes from Terrahawks

Have you ever wanted your own Cubes from Terrahawks? The nice folks over at the Toy Polloi YouTube channel have a bit of...


Windsor Davies has Died

Windsor Davies, best known to Anderson fans as Sergeant Major Zero in the 1980s series Terrahawks, has died aged 88. Windsor was born...


Vote For Richard Harvey’s music on ClassicFM!

Are you a fan of Terrahawks? Are you a fan of music? Of course you are! That’s why we’re sure you’ll be delighted to hear...

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Terrahawks Volume 2 Blu-ray Coming Soon!

From the iconic creator of Thunderbirds, the second volume of the classic British children’s sci-fi series Terrahawks is to be released on Blu-ray...


Zeroids vs Cubes Web Series Announced

Anderson Entertainment and IDO Design & Animation have announced a new web series which will be launching in 2015. Zeroids vs Cubes features the...


A Christmas Miracle for Terrahawks Fans

Anderson Entertainment release free Christmas episode online Anderson Entertainment are giving Terrahawks fans an early Christmas present with the free release of the...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection