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Free Terrahawks Audio Episodes from Big Finish!

Free Terrahawks Audio Episodes from Big Finish!

Those wonderful folks at Big Finish have unveiled some fantastic deals on their Terrahawks range! You can now download five awesome audio stories FREE and there are HUGE savings on the complete Volumes One, Two and Three [CD and Download]! There’s never been a better time to try these stories, but hurry, this Ten-Ten offer ends 23:59 (UK time) on October 25th 2020!

In the not too distant future, the Earth finds itself under constant threat from Zelda, a blood-thirsty android who, along with her fiendish family and monstrous creations, has established a base on Mars. The only thing standing between this evil queen and her quest for the ultimate annihilation of mankind are the Terrahawks – an intrepid band of heroes led by the stern but fair clone, Doctor Tiger Ninestein.

Deadly Departed by Stephen La Rivière and Andrew T Smith [FREE]

After an epic battle, it appears that Zelda has finally shuffled off her mortal coil, but when their beloved matriarch’s will is read her android family is disgusted to discover that she has left everything to Ninestein. In retaliation, they organise a funeral the likes of which has never been seen.

Vile by Stephen La Rivière and Andrew T Smith [FREE]

Ninestein is tempted onto a TV talk show featuring the most depraved, unpleasant, and pathetic creature the universe has to offer – Jeremy Vile – who also happens to be the show’s host. Tiger’s hopes of negotiating peace with Zelda are soon dashed, but all is not lost as the Queen of Guk exposes the truth about our not-so-loveable host.

Zelda’s The Night Before Christmas by Andrew T Smith [FREE]

Courtesy of Jamie Anderson of Anderson Entertainment, and the wonderful voice of Denise Bryer, we have a free festive three-minute download for you, as Zelda gives her evil take on The Night Before Christmas. One for your Christmas playlists!

Renta-hawks by Andrew T Smith [FREE]

A beautiful island in the pacific – the secret base of Global Rescue. So far – undetected. Outwardly the luxury home to billionaire ex-nightclub owner Dick Branston. But there’s something fishy about this gang of slick would-be heroes, particularly the firm’s backer.

No Second Chances by Jamie Anderson [FREE]

Zelda has pulled off the ultimate heist, and now her victory seems inevitable. To stop her, and against all the odds, at least one of the Terrahawks will have to make the ultimate sacrifice…

Terrahawks Volume One [was £29.99, NOW £9.99!]

After a considerable period of inaction, the Terrahawks once again find themselves called into action when Zelda initiates a brand new campaign of destruction and devastation. Facing up against terrifying time travellers, fraudulent financial fiascos, sickening stand-ups, and deadly doppelgangers – their new adventures could prove to be the Terrahawks’ most challenging missions to date!

Terrahawks Volume Two [was £29.99, NOW £9.99!]

In this series, the Terrahawks face brand new villains as well as familiar faces like Dick Branston. But after a few encounters with Zelda, she suddenly vanishes without trace. Only a sinister package can help the Terrahawks prepare for what is to come next, but will they decode the message in time?

Terrahawks Volume Three [was £29.99, NOW £9.99!]

After the dramatic climax of the previous story, how can the Terrahawks continue? Join the incredible story in eight further thrilling audio adventures!

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