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The Gerry Anderson Podcast makes Planetfall

Gerry Anderson’s pilot “The Day After Tomorrow: Into Infinity” never went to full series. It was made between Years 1 & 2 of Space: 1999.  Today at Anderson Entertainment, we’re exploring what might’ve been through the newly released audiobook Into Infinity: Planetfall. It’s read by none other than Anderson stalwart Robbie Stevens!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s revisit the intrepid crew of the Lightship Altares via Gregory L. Norris’ series of novels.

Pod 123 includes FAB Facts, Podsterons Mailbag, Gerry Anderson News, and Listener Facebook Posts. This episode will also treat you to FREE CHAPTERS of Into Infinity: Planetfall. Also look forward to The Randomiser with Chris Dale and Special Guest.

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