Terrahawks: From Zelda With Love! – A Gerry Anderson A21 News Story

The man in black barely made a sound as he crept between the shadows of the alleyways in Bereznik’s Old Quarter. Agent Nine...

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Free Terrahawks Audio Episodes from Big Finish!

Free Terrahawks Audio Episodes from Big Finish! Those wonderful folks at Big Finish have unveiled some fantastic deals on their Terrahawks range! You can...


Zeroids On A Roll! – A Gerry Anderson News Story

by A21 Reporter Andy Clems Zelda’s Android hordes have been thrashed in a stunning defeat at the hands, er…spheres, of the Terrahawks’ Zeroid...


Could this be the end of the Terrahawks’ Tiger Ninestein?

In the run-up to the release of Big Finish’s Terrahawks Series 3 full-cast audio drama, we’re giving you a run-down of what you...

Terrahawks volume 3 from Big Finish

Terrahawks Volume 3 – Behind the Scenes

With Terrahawks Volume 3 shortly to be released by Big Finish, we get a chance to look behind the scenes at the continuing...

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Terrahawks Volume 2 Blu-ray Coming Soon!

From the iconic creator of Thunderbirds, the second volume of the classic British children’s sci-fi series Terrahawks is to be released on Blu-ray...

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Zelda’s ‘Terrahawks Blu-ray’ Announcement

It’s finally time! The first series of Terrahawks has launched on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of those idiots at Network, and I thought I would...

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