Terrahawks Volume 3 – Behind the Scenes

With Terrahawks Volume 3 shortly to be released by Big Finish, we get a chance to look behind the scenes at the continuing audio adventures of the defenders of the Earth in their battle with Zelda.

Jamie Anderson, writer, producer and director of Terrahawks, tells us more about this continuation of the TV show.

“We’re now up to 64 episodes of Terrahawks including the 39 episodes originally broadcast in the 1980s – making it the longest running Gerry Anderson series ever produced, with more episodes than any other Anderson series. This series, we’ve taken the opportunity to shake things up, destroying the Terrahawks’ ability to reinstate Tiger Ninestein via his brain patterns – changing the Terrahawks forever…”

With this latest series, we’ll see more Stein clones, more action and higher stakes than ever before!

Recent audio stories have filled in Zelda’s back story, explored what it means to be a Stein clone, and introduced wonderful new characters like Dick Branston, Lord Low Grade, and Nickel Plate Starsons. But after the climactic ending of Volume 2, the Terrahawks surely can’t have survived… can they?

Terrahawks Volume 3 is released in July from Big Finish Productions, and can be pre-ordered now for £20 on Download or £25 on CD – pre-release prices which will be frozen until the set’s general release at the end of August when they go up by £5 on both formats.

Check out all of Big Finish’s Terrahawks releases, including two previous boxed sets, and even some free, exclusive episodes, such as Volume 2’s Vile or Volume 1’s Deadly Departed. When Zelda passes on, who better to give the eulogy than Tiger Ninestein?

Terrahawks: The audio series, Volume 1 , and Volume 2 are also available from the Gerry Anderson Store!

This volume of Terrahawks also features the vocal talents of David Graham, the voice of Parker, Brains and many other characters. You can see him united with former co-star, Denise Bryer the voice of Zelda, on Youtube.

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