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Thunderbirds Challenge Coins!

New to the Gerry Anderson Store is this wonderful collection of Thunderbirds Challenge Coins from the company Gaming Awards. Having previously worked with licenses such as World of Tanks, Master of Orion and Captain America: Civil War, they have now turned their attention to Thunderbirds

Thunderbirds Challenge Coins

The five designs in the Thunderbirds challenge coins range depict each of the five Thunderbird craft in a decoratively etched image and the colour associated with the vehicle around the edge, along with small representations of all five craft along the base. The reverse of the coin features the International Rescue Emblem, the Thunderbirds logo and the countdown (with the number corresponding to the craft on the opposite side of the coin being highlighted). Each coin is encased in a protective plastic case, but can be removed if desired.

Thunderbirds Challenge CoinsThunderbird 1

International Rescue’s hyper-sonic first response rocket craft, piloted by the heroic Scott Tracy to the danger zone at a maximum speed of 15,000 miles per hour. The Thunderbird 1 challenge coin renders the craft with extendable wings open and is surrounded by a suitable shade of blue in honour of the rocket’s engine bell housing.

FAB Fact: Thunderbird 1’s hanger bay infamously features a lemon squeezer stuck to the rear wall!

Thunderbirds Challenge CoinsThunderbird 2

The heavy duty cargo lifting craft and flagship of the International Rescue fleet, Thunderbird 2 is piloted by the calm and collected Virgil Tracy, and is always ready for action in the danger zone. The Thunderbird 2 challenge coin is ringed with green (what else?) and depicts the craft in flight mode.

FAB Fact: Designer Derek Meddings famously said that Thunderbird 2 could be filmed from any angle and still look brilliant. We agree!

Thunderbirds Challenge CoinsThunderbird 3

Thunderbird 3 is International Rescue’s space rescue and resupply rocket, manned in rotation by Alan and John Tracy, and launches from a concealed hangar beneath the Tracy Island Round House. The red/orange colour used on this coin perfectly evokes the fuselage of the mighty spacecraft.

FAB Fact: Thunderbird 3 stands an impressive 287 feet in height from nose to tail, as specified by Jeff Tracy in the episode Give Or Take A Million.

Thunderbirds Challenge CoinsThunderbird 4

Capable of withstanding the pressure of the depths, Thunderbird 4 is the deep sea rescue submersible, piloted (or aquanaut-ed, because apparently that’s a thing) by Gordon Tracy and usually carried to the danger zone in Pod 4 aboard Thunderbird 2. It’s bright yellow, much like another famous submarine that a well known British band once sang about.

FAB Fact: Thunderbird 4 can also be launched directly from Tracy Island by using hover jets!

Thunderbirds Challenge CoinsThunderbird 5

The solitary sentinel on the fringe of space, keeping watch for distress calls anywhere in the world and expertly manned by semi-forgotten middle-child John Tracy, Thunderbird 5 is a vital component of the International Rescue organisation. Rendered in a rarely glimpsed angle and surrounded by a nice crisp black border, this might be our secret favourite coin of the set.

FAB Fact: TB5’s design was based on the Tracy Island Round house!

Hang on, what are Challenge Coins?

The concept of challenge coins dates back to World War 2, during which time they were commonly used to prove the holder’s identity when captured behind enemy lines. Since then, the challenge coin has become its own iconic tradition and a popular item for collectors and casual fans alike. Imagine the scene: you’re at a convention, minding your own business when a rough looking bald chap with glowing yellow eyes steps up and demands to know your favourite Thunderbird. Challenge accepted! Simply whip out your Thunderbirds challenge coins of choice and dazzle him with conclusive proof!

Each Challenge Coin is available for just £14.99 individually, or alternatively you can buy the complete set from our store.
The Limited Edition Box Set contains all five Challenge Coins plus an IR Pin Badge!

Written by
Chris Thompson

A freelance Artist and Film-maker based on a not so secret island in the East Atlantic. Grew up up on the Anderson series reruns in the 90s and have always strived to create works that are as interesting and exciting.

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