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Captain Black Friday has arrived! Here are our top 5 deals

Here’s Richard and Jamie from the Gerry Anderson Podcast with their Captain Black Friday top 5 countdown…


SALE ENDS 2 DECEMBER 2019 at 23:59 GMT

Here’s the list in full with links!

5 – Daily Deals

Every day this Captain Black Friday weekend we’ll be offering you huge savings on limited items. Friday 29th sees the complete Captain Scarlet on Blu-ray for just £19.99 (was £29.99). Check out the daily deal from the Captain Black Friday page.

4 – Captain Scarlet Audio Collectors set

Running all weekend, this is an exclusive chance to get the £49.99 set for just £19.99 – while stocks last, and this weekend only. Presented in a lavish book format with 7 CDs and hours and hours of content – each set is individually numbered. Grab your Captain Scarlet audio box set today!

3 – The Gerry Anderson Megabundle

This will only be available on Saturday 30th November, so keep your eyes peeled, but it’s a £60 bundle on sale for £20 – and includes a load of books, magazines, patches, badges and keyrings. A great set of stocking fillers! You’ll find the daily deal linked from our Black Friday page.

2 – DVDs, Blu-rays and audio dramas

As well as the Captain Scarlet deal above, loads of our fantastic Gerry Anderson DVDs, Blu-rays and audio dramas/music releases are on sale – with savings of between 20 and 50%. But as with our other lines, they’re only available while stocks last.

1 – Spectrum vs The Mysterons

To celebrate 2019’s Captain Black Friday weekend, an epic battle between the forces of good and evil is taking place, and you will decide the winner!

Designer Chris Thompson has created two designs to represent this face-off. Captain Scarlet represents Spectrum, and Captain Black is fighting for the Mysterons. Pick your side by buying your preferred t-shirt design (or grab both if you just can’t decide).

It’s up to you, but either could become the limited edition. Just before midnight on 2nd December, the design with the most sales will be declared the winner and will stay on as a permanent fixture at the Gerry Anderson Store.

The loser will be banished, and only enough t-shirts will be produced to fulfil orders – with no more being created. Ever. Only one side can win… so which side are you on?Remember: The design that sells fewer units will be obliterated forever!

SALE ENDS 2 DECEMBER 2019 at 23:59 GMT

remaining until Spectrum or the Mysterons’ fate is sealed!

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