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The Captain Scarlet 50th Anniversary Box Set is Out Now!

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Spectrum is Gold! To mark 50 years since Captain Scarlet first graced our TV screens, Anderson Entertainment, Big Finish Productions and ITV Studios Global Entertainment have collaborated to bring Captain Scarlet back with this special release: the Captain Scarlet 50th anniversary box set.

Out today is the official Limited Edition Captain Scarlet 50th anniversary box set, a bumper volume of all things Spectrum. This collection features five digitally remastered Century 21 mini albums, eight adapted television audio stories narrated by Captain Blue (Ed Bishop), lavish full-colour packaging, featuring a Spectrum Agents Briefing booklet containing rare archive imagery, Spectrum Personnel Files and production information, and a brand new exclusive 60 minute audio documentary featuring interviews with cast and crew.

Mini albums:

Introducing Captain Scarlet by Angus P Allan

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons by Angus P Allan

Captain Scarlet is Indestructible by Richard O’Neill

Captain Scarlet of Spectrum by Angus P Allan

Captain Scarlet versus Captain Black by Richard O’Neill

Adapted TV stories:

Big Ben Strikes Again by Tony Barwick

Manhunt by Tony Barwick

The Trap by Alan Patillo

Special Assignment by Tony Barwick

Heart of New York by Tony Barwick

Model Spy by Bill Hedley

Flight 104 by Tony Barwick

The Launching by Peter Curran and David Williams

This, along with the Spectrum Files One, Two and Three (out later this week), mean that 16 classic Scarlet stories will be launching in time for the 50th Anniversary of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons on the 29th September (this Friday). The tale of one man fate has made indestructible versus the Mysterons from Mars is an adventure that continues to excite and terrify generations.

Nicholas Briggs, Executive Producer of Big Finish Productions, told us what it was like to continue the Spectrum legacy, “As a long-time fan of Gerry Anderson’s work, it’s an absolute thrill for us to be releasing these classic Captain Scarlet stories for the show’s 50th anniversary. On one of my two encounters with Gerry, I showed him some of our Big Finish CDs. He told me he’d love us to make some audio adventures for his TV shows. Here we are, all these years later, and the lovely people at ITVS GE have given us the go ahead.”

Jamie Anderson, son of Gerry Anderson, and producer and director of these Captain Scarlet releases tell us what to expect in this new collection, “For the 50th anniversary documentary, we were determined to make this the definitive documentary on the series – discussing not just the TV show itself, but the wider world of Captain Scarlet including the music, merchandise and comics. To achieve that we’ve conducted brand new interviews with key production team members like Mike Trim and Mary Turner – with many more contributors to be announced in the coming weeks.

“But sadly so many of the production team are no longer with us. Thanks to the generosity of Susan Harman and the estate of Simon Archer (Gerry Anderson’s first official biographer) this documentary will also feature, for the very first time, archive interviews with key crew members like Derek Meddings. These previously unpublished interviews will form the cornerstone of the documentary and provide many previously unheard stories from the show’s genesis and production.

“Thanks to ITVS GE and Big Finish Productions, bringing all of these fantastic stories together for the first time is a really exciting way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of Dad’s most iconic puppet shows. Spectrum is green for September 2017!”

Grab yourself a Captain Scarlet 50th anniversary box set today! This limited edition (one of only 5,000) is now available to buy for £45 on CD.

Keep checking the Big Finish site for more information on the Spectrum Files, out later this week.

Captain Scarlet ™ and © 1967, 2001 and 2017. ITC Entertainment Group Limited. Licensed by ITV Ventures Limited. All rights reserved.

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