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DeAgostini Thunderbird 2 Model

Fans of Thunderbird 2 should fasten their seat-belts and prepare for the ultimate in Thunderbirds model kits with this spectacularly detailed Thunderbird 2 model from DeAgostini!

Thunderbird 2

DeAgostini Thunderbird 2
Thunderbird 2 – ready for action!

Thunderbird 2 is presented in 1:144 scale, a faithfully reproduced replica of the 1960s television series prop including pod vehicles!

Tasked with carrying International Rescue’s vehicles and equipment from the secret base on Tracy Island to the heart of the danger zone, Thunderbird 2 is a tough, hard-wearing machine and the workhorse of the International Rescue fleet. This airborne leviathan is piloted by rescue specialist Virgil Tracy, whose calm-under-pressure demeanor makes him the perfect person for the job.

The DeAgostini Thunderbird 2 Rescue Collection is based around the main 1:144-scale model of International Rescue’s famous heavy freighter, but is is also accompanied by 20 supporting rescue vehicles and other favourites from the show.

Faithfully reproduced from original props used by the Thunderbirds team at Slough in the 1960s, the completed Thunderbird 2 model measures an impressive 540mm in length, and comes complete with remote-control lighting and sound effects, and telescopic landing legs. Furthermore, the model features mechanical pod loading: at your command by remote control, Thunderbird 2 will raise or lower its fuselage using its telescopic legs, recreating the famous pod loading and unloading scenes. The rear boosters at the back include speakers and LEDs to recreate the exhilarating roar of Thunderbird 2’s take-off, and are operated by remote control.

Start your subscription now at the Model Space website, and start building your dream Thunderbird 2!

Top Secret Technical Specifications

Light-up rocket boosters, vrooooom!

Key Features of Thunderbird 2

Thunderbird 2 comes in 1:144 scale and is a highly detailed replica of the original 1960s television prop of the heavy freighter. Assemble your Thunderbird 2 from the high-quality materials following the clear step-by-step instructions accompanied by detailed photos.

Model Details

1:144 scale | High-quality parts | Highly detailed | Realistic features | Classic green livery | Telescopic landing legs | Detailed cockpit | Removable loading pods 3 & 4 | Plus rescue vehicles

Overall Dimensions

Length: 540mm | Height: 125mm | Width: 390mm

Why buy the DeAgostini Thunderbird 2?

Since Thunderbirds first aired in 1965, demand for Thunderbird 2 models has never ceased. From the legendary die-cast version produced by Dinky, to the later Matchbox version in the 1990s and countless other versions made from a host of different materials, there have been plenty of Thunderbird 2 models to please fans. This one is rather special though, we have to admit.

Firstly, the detail is incredible and will please even the most critical fans. Secondly, the inclusion of features such as working cockpit lights and telescopic legs is very welcome indeed. Thirdly, any version of Thunderbird 2 that comes with not one, not two, but 20 pod vehicles in-scale with the craft (not to mention two pods to store them in!) is nothing short of astounding.  Finally, the sense of achievement  of assembling this legendary craft will leave you with a huge smile on your face (and quite possibly the belief that you are now equipped to tackle Brains on his best day!).

Start your subscription now at the Model Space website, and start building your dream Thunderbird 2!

Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.


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