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Heads under the hammer!

Last week saw several items of interest to Anderson fans go under the hammer at the Ewbanks auction house, who had previously played...

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Space:1999 – the ‘original’ Breakaway and Black Sun!

The first episode of Space:1999, Breakaway, entered production in November 1973. While the episode was scheduled to be shot within ten days filming...

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UFO 2 1999 – how it happened

During his association with Lew Grade and ITC, Gerry Anderson’s productions followed a regular pattern of production; most ran for only one season,...

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Demeter City – Space Precinct’s lost first episode!

Space Precinct’s journey from original concept to finished television series was a notably longer and more complicated one than any other Gerry Anderson...

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Anderson on Mystery Science Theater 3000

Over the years many television series and feature films have paid tribute to the Gerry Anderson shows in a variety of ways, with...

Altares up for auction
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Martin Bower’s Altares Up for Auction

Many fans (with deep pockets) will be excited to see Martin Bower’s Altares up for auction next month. The model from the 1975...

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Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson Hits America!

The collection of rare works from the Supermarionation maestro – the Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson – are now available in North America...

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Designing Five Star Five

A Lost Gerry Anderson Treasure? Sadly many of the productions Gerry Anderson developed never made it to completion. For some the holy grail of...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection