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Space 1999’s Top 10 Scariest Moments | Gerry Anderson’s Space:1999

Space 1999, Gerry Anderson’s epic series from 1975-1977 was one of the most expensive productions ever mounted. The high-end live action work, and...

Forces TV on the Gerry Anderson Podcast on Space 1999 and UFO
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Forces TV on the Gerry Anderson Podcast

Forces TV have brought two classic Gerry Anderson series back to UK TV with UFO and Space:1999. Head of Television Adam Hardwick joins...

space 1999 returns on Forces TV
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Space 1999 Returns to UK Television Tonight!

Space 1999 returns to UK TV tonight for the first time in a decade. Starting with Breakaway, Forces TV will broadcast the entire...

Space 1999 year 2 characters
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Top 5 overlooked great things about Space 1999 Year 2

A greater focus on characters The first season of Space:1999 generally emphasised plot over character development, but the Space 1999 Year 2 tried...

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Space 1999 Season One top 5 highlights

Space, the really final frontier Despite following in the footsteps of Star Trek, Space:1999 ended up taking a far more bleak approach to...

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The Fifteen (Anderson) Doctors!

All manner of strange and nasty ailments can befall residents of the Gerry Anderson television universe, from brains melting on the Moon to...

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Anderson on Mystery Science Theater 3000

Over the years many television series and feature films have paid tribute to the Gerry Anderson shows in a variety of ways, with...

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Top 6 Gerry Anderson two-parter stories

Despite producing more than five hundred television episodes over a fifty year period there were remarkably few true two-part stories in any of...

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Top 5 strangest Gerry Anderson aliens

Aliens – where would the Gerry Anderson shows be without them? Some are friendly. Some are not. Then there are those who are...

Mike Noble has died
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TV21 Comic Artist Mike Noble Has Died

We’re very sorry to bring you the news that Mike Noble, best known for his stunning artwork in the TV21 comics of the...

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