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UFO 2 1999 – how it happened

During his association with Lew Grade and ITC, Gerry Anderson’s productions followed a regular pattern of production; most ran for only one season,...

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Top 5 Gerry Anderson time travel episodes!

Surprisingly for a body of work of more than five hundred television episodes, a substantial chunk of which dealt with science fiction concepts,...

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Space 1999 – A Tale of Two Moons?

When Space:1999’s second season premiered in 1976 with The Metamorph, fans were greeted with a substantially different series than the one that had...

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In celebration of This Episode!

The Thunderbirds opening titles sequence is perfection. But what precisely makes it so? Let’s see… Okay, literally everything. Everything is perfect. The countdown!...

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5 Gerry Anderson filming locations that still exist today!

Visiting locations used in your favourite show is a must for fans of many classic television series around the world. For Gerry Anderson...

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It’s a Mindbender – why so many Gerry Anderson episode orders?

One question we see crop up frequently in relation to the various Anderson series (although not quite as often as “what does F.A.B....

US Blu-ray of Space 1999
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US Blu-ray of Space 1999 Coming this July

Attention all sections Alpha: prepare for transmission! Los Angeles, CA – From Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, the legendary masterminds behind Thunderbirds, comes the epic sci-fi series, Space:...

Bringers of Wonder Blu-ray
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Warehouse Find! Limited Edition Bringers of Wonder Blu-ray

Space: 1999: The Bringers of Wonder : Special Edition [Blu-Ray] WAREHOUSE FIND! Extremely limited numbers of this special release, previously thought to be...

Dirk Maggs Interview on the Gerry Anderson Podcast
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Dirk Maggs Interview on the Gerry Anderson Podcast (Part 2)

Dirk Maggs is back again – revealing for the first time, a previously unknown Gerry Anderson production – Ape Man. As listeners to...

Dirk Maggs on the Gerry Anderson Podcast
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Dirk Maggs on the Gerry Anderson Podcast

Dirk Maggs is a freelance writer and director and is principally known for his work in radio, where he evolved radio drama into...

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