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Corgi’s Captain Scarlet Saloon Car Delayed

Captain Scarlet Saloon car delay

Captain Scarlet Saloon Car Release Delayed Until Mid-November!

Spectrum is red! We repeat – Spectrum is red!

We’ve just received word from Corgi that their hotly anticipated Captain Scarlet Saloon Car model has been delayed by 6-8 weeks from the original anticipated release date.

Originally planned for 1st October, the release is now expected in mid-November 2017.

But don’t worry! We know you’ll be disappointed by the delay but the Gerry Anderson store will do everything we can to get you your Captain Scarlet Saloon Car collectables as soon as possible. Plus, we have some very exciting news about a brand new and exclusive product which we’ll be showcasing for the very first time on FAB Live 8 – live on Facebook on 4th September at 7:30pm.

If you’d like to pre-order the Spectrum Saloon Car, you can do it from the Gerry Anderson Store. Or directly from the link below!

Check out the Saloon car in action in the original series below!

Fans of cult TV show ‘Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons’, the follow up to Gerry Anderson’s spectacularly successful ‘Thunderbirds’ series, will know that the series celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, having first appeared on screen in 1967! To celebrate 50 years of the indestructible Captain Corgi have re-introduced this special edition of Captain Scarlet Classic Spectrum Saloon Car in commemorative packaging.

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