FAB Live Episode 7

In case you missed FAB Live episode 7, you can rewatch it anytime on the Gerry Anderson Youtube channel.

Our next broadcast is FAB Live 8 – our Captain Scarlet special with guest Lee Sullivan on Monday 4th September 2017 over on the Gerry Anderson Facebook page. See you there!

Make sure you watch FAB Live 8 – details over on our Facebook event page:

This Episode:
*Martin Landau
*UFO meets Doctor Who
*Captain Scarlet 50th anniversary news
*Event news – Alpha 2017 and LFCC
*Viewer questions and answers
*FAB or Fib?
*Blankety blank
*And much more!
Co-hosted by Space Precinct’s Richard James and Gerry Anderson’s son Jamie Anderson.
Re-uploaded from the Gerry Anderson Facebook Page: http://fb.com/GerryAndersonOfficial

What is FAB Live?

FAB Live (Facebook Anderson Broadcast Live) is a monthly live Gerry Anderson video podcast brought to you by Richard James and Jamie Anderson. Every month we’re here to answer your questions, give you the very latest Gerry Anderson news, present games and trivia, and give away great prizes with our monthly Gerry Anderson giveaways.

Send your questions in to fablive [at] gerryanderson [dot] co [dot] uk and we’ll do our best to answer them during the broadcast.

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