Could a Thunderbirds Theme Park Really be Go?

We’ve seen news reports this morning about a potential Thunderbirds Theme Park… but could this venture really be go?

The Sun has reported that ITV has signed a multi-million-pound deal to make their brands part of the UK’s biggest theme park due to open in 2024. Dubbed Britain’s Disneyland, the 535-acre park is set to open in 2024 on the site of a former cement works in  Swanscombe, Kent.

Proposed Thunderbirds theme park site

However, we don’t think fans of the classic series should get too excited about a Thunderbirds them park at this stage. The Sun reports that the venture would see rides based on kids show such as Thunderbirds and Robozuna at the huge London Resort. So it’s most likely that this deal covers ITV’s ‘reboot’ of the classic series ‘Thunderbirds are go’.

Developers have also signed partnerships with Aardman Animations,  behind Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit, BBC Worldwide and the British Film Institute.

ITV Studios executive vice president Steve Green said yesterday: “We are thrilled to be on board with this world-class project which will offer fans a whole new way to experience our brand.”

We have reached out to ITV and the developers for comment as to whether or not the park will feature classic Thunderbirds or other Gerry Anderson brands but have yet to receive a response.

Thunderbirds theme park is go? Maybe?

So, don’t get too excited yet, as the Thunderbirds theme park will most likely feature the CGI version rather than the classic version.

However you might be pleased to know that there will be a Thunderbirds themed hotel opening in 2021… so Thunderbirds is alive and well, even 54 years after it was first shown!


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