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Own this stunning Parker figure! Join the Big Chief Parker Launchpad Today!

Big Chief Parker Launchpad

We know many of you are enjoying your Big Chief Scott Tracy (now sold out) and Virgil Tracy (just a few remaining) figures, and lots of you are eagerly awaiting the delivery of Captain Scarlet in a couple of months, and the other Tracy brothers later this year, but we’re particularly excited about this Big Chief Studios Parker Figure!

Big Chief Parker Launchpad

We’ve seen and held the prototype of this stunning recreation, and let us tell you – it is absolutely beautiful. However, if you want to get your hands on it, you’re going to need to act fast! Read on to find out more.

How can I get my hands on Parker?

The only way to ensure you can get one of these h’exquisite Parker figures is to join the launchpad. To do that, just click BUY NOW on the product link above or below, and follow through with the £0.00 (FREE) launchpad option. You’re then committing to buy the figure if the Launchpad is successful. Successful means at least 350 people joining the Launchpad so at the time of writing we’re about ‘alfway there! So if you want to make sure Parker goes ahead then join us today!

How much is he?

It’s free to join the Launchpad… so you’ll pay nothing to secure your very h’own Parker. Once the Launchpad meets its required target, you’ll then have two options: Pay in full at a discounted rate of £189.99 (RRP £209.99) OR Pay in installments at a discounted rate of £199.99 (RRP £209.99). If you don’t support the Launchpad, and if there are any Parkers left, you’ll need to order one at full price.

What is this Launchpad thing?

Think of it like a mini Kickstarter. Not sure what Kickstarter is? Kind of like a crowd-funded pre-order. Basically, we need to gauge your interest, and you supporting the Launchpad shows that there is demand for this type of product.

What if the Launchpad for Parker is unsuccessful?

If we don’t reach the required number of supporters, then Parker will not be made… it’s as simple as that. So don’t wait – support the Launchpad now, or we may all miss out on the opportunity to own this stunning collectable.

When will I receive my Parker?

If the Launchpad is successful, and once you have paid, manufacturing will begin. This is likely to take 90-120 days, but a more precise date will be given once the figure enters full manufacturing. We are aware that previous figures have been delayed, but Big Chief’s backlog is now being cleared and we are confident that Parker will be manufactured in a timely manner that ‘er Ladyship would be proud of.

Do supporters get any perks?

Yes! You do. Supporters of the launchpad who pre-buy paying the full amount are guaranteed the lowest numbered units AND receive a personalised ‘Pulling the Strings – the making of Parker’ booklet detailing the painstaking work that has gone into creating this fantastic replica!

Big Chief Parker Launchpad

So – it’s time to support the launchpad – click below to add your support, and secure your Parker figure and Pulling the Strings booklet!

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