Doppelgänger: Dove Returns! – A Gerry Anderson A21 News Story

Colonel Glenn Ross has returned to Earth aboard the Dove spacecraft three weeks after he was presumed dead in the disaster that destroyed the EUROSEC Space Center. His story of survival is one that stretches credibility to breaking point and many experts claim that he may be suffering from a nervous breakdown.

Colonel Ross claims that he was not present at the EUROSEC Space Center at the time of its destruction, but was in fact leaving the mysterious planet which his latest daring mission had taken him to. The Colonel claims that the previously unknown planet was in fact an exact duplicate of our own Earth, but one on which everything was reversed or mirrored.

He cites examples such as written text being read from left to right and the position of the human heart typically being on the left side of the chest cavity, something not unknown to our own medical science, but comparatively rare. Ross explains that in the United States of this so-called mirrored Earth, traffic drives on the right, much like our Kingdom of Britannia.

Unfortunately, Colonel Ross has no witness to substantiate his extraordinary claims, for his co-pilot Dr John Kane was killed during a crash landing on the other planet. Undeterred, he nonetheless explained the circumstances of his reception and subsequent departure from the fantastic world on which he allegedly found himself.

After discovering that the other world had indeed sent a mission of its own to investigate our planet, and having proved to them that he was not their Colonel Ross, he was able to convince them to build a second Dove spacecraft and to launch it into orbit to rendezvous with the Phoenix rocket.

His main concern was that the principle of the electrical circuits on board the Phoenix rocket assembled on our world would be incompatible with the systems of the Dove, built on theirs. However, one of the lead technicians on the other planet theorized that despite the apparent mirroring of principles on the two planets, the flow of electricity should theoretically remain a constant. As a result, the systems of the Dove did not employ any form of reverse-polarisation.

This train of thought apparently paid off, as Colonel Ross found the systems on board the Phoenix responded immediately upon successful docking of the Dove, which he had rechristened Alter Ego. He set course back to Earth and went into hibernation for the three week journey home.

However, when he awoke three weeks later and attempted to make contact with the EUROSEC Space Center, he got no reply. Puzzled, he attempted to contact the secondary landing site at Fort Anderson. After an initially skeptical reception, Fort Anderson granted landing clearance and Ross touched down a short while later.

After an intense debrief, during which Ross learned of the destruction of the EUROSEC complex and the deaths of many of his friends and colleagues, he was was released under close supervision.

Investigators remain largely skeptical of the story relayed by Colonel Ross, claiming that it is highly improbable and nothing more than the work of an imagination fueled by nerves at breaking point. The death of Dr Kane and the disaster at the EUROSEC complex resulted in the destruction of any corroborating evidence.

Colonel Ross himself has stated that the evidence can be found waiting just a three week trip away and a journey to the far side of the Sun. It is unknown at this time whether another mission will be mounted to the other planet, or whether the true story of what happened to Colonel Ross will ever be revealed…

Written by
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