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Fireball XL5: Exclusive Technical Operations Manual First Look

It’s on the launch rail awaiting clearance to blast off; it’s the Fireball XL5 Technical Operations Manual!

Available to pre-order from February 2024, the Fireball XL5 Technical Operations Manual follows our previous Space:1999, UFO, and Joe 90 manuals by taking an immersive look at the vehicles, characters and universe of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s popular 1962 Supermarionation sci-fi series Fireball XL5.

This beautifully designed hardback book, written by Chris Thompson and Andrew Clements and featuring new illustrations by Chris Thompson, takes readers on a tour of Space City and its personnel, before blasting off into space aboard Fireball XL5 to explore the other vessels in the World Space Patrol’s XL fleet, other Earth spaceships and space stations, and the variety of aliens – both hostile and benign – that populate the universe of Fireball XL5!

As well as the standard edition, there will also be a Special Edition variant. Limited to just 250 copies, this edition will include the manual in exclusive World Space Patrol packaging, plus bonus art prints, astronauts licence, World Space Patrol logo patch, and a CD copy of the XL5 audio drama Cloud of a Billion Lights. The Special Edition is sure to sell out fast, so register your interest here to be among the first to know when the book goes live for pre-order!

Add to your Technical Operations Manuals collection with the Fireball XL5 Manual, coming soon from the Official Gerry Anderson Store! If you can’t wait that long, be sure to give this Fireball XL5 Technical Operations Manual launch livestream a watch for a unique insight from writers Chris Thompson and Andrew Clements into how this real boss package was put together – including exclusive page artwork reveals!

Written by
Chris Dale

Writer, editor & voice actor on Big Finish's Doctor Who, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet audio ranges. Host of the Randomiser on the Gerry Anderson Podcast.

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