First Terrahawks Teaser Released

The new audio series from Big Finish and Anderson Entertainment is launching in just a few weeks time, and the first Terrahawks teaser trailer has been released.

You can pre-order the Terrahawks audio series now from Big Finish (CD or download) or the Gerry Anderson store (CD only).

Terrahawks Teaser

The teaser features Sevenstein – one of Ninestein’s clones, and an elderly lady who reveals herself to be a very well known, and particularly villainous android.

Terrahawks Infographic

As well as the teaser, a fantastic infographic by designer Chris Thompson has also been released to refresh the memories of fans, and introduce the Terrahawks universe to those who are unfamiliar with the series.

Terrahawks infographic

 Communications Override

If you want to join the discussion why not head over to the Terrahawks section of Big Finish’s Forums area?

Get your copy of Terrahawks Volume 1 from Big Finish, now!

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