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Future Legend Records have released a brand new CD featuring themes from Fireball XL5 and Stingray, but just who are Future Legend and what else can you expect from the release? Who better to ask than the people themselves:

Future Legend, you say?

Future Legend Records is world famous & synonymous with doing great new versions of Cult TV & Films. They started the trend back in the 90s and released six popular ‘decade’ specific albums (60s 70s & 80s) attracting many high profile fans along the way, from David Bowie (Who loved the covers of his track on the 80s) to Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) and John Barry (Who said even a few of the Bond themes were better than his).

It was thought no more would be released but we have decided to put out one final album to meet the demand and tie up a few lose ends. All tracks are produced and arranged by innovative cult record producer Russell C. Brennan. He kept discovering tracks he thought should have been on previous themes albums so thought it time to put that right and so this album features tunes from the 60s through to the 90s. The talent formula is similar to before. Exposing new talent, cult artists and a few people who have experienced a number one hit. It also includes the royalty of Film/TV composers including John Barry, Ennio Morricone. Lalo Schifrin, Ray Davies, Barry Gray, Mike Hugg & others.

What’s on the CD?

The track listing includes many gems, some very hard to get hold of even by the original artists, (which is another FLR speciality) These include Beat Girl written by John Barry and The Theme from Budgie written and performed by Kink Ray Davies exclusively for the TV show but never released by him or the Kinks (This version is more Kinks than the Kinks) with cult 60s Joe Meek produced artist Glenda Collins doing the vocal duties.

No themes album would be complete without a few Gerry Anderson show themes written by the talented Barry Gray. Although Russell hasn’t produced Supercar he finally caught up with the other two main Gerry Anderson themes had not done before Fireball XL5 & Aqua Marina and done them with a Joe Meek type style production.

As before the album features and international mix of artists including the great Australian act DollSquad featuring Joey Bedlam, plus one of Canada’s finest Canadian rock country boys Terry Wicks. Another Canadian Laurie Biagini is also featured who was called the female Brian Wilson (by Brian himself) and French pin up Maiko .

British artists such as west end musical star Dave Mayberry , Ex Cutting Crew & John Parr Found member Colin Farley, who is also in the Legendary Tornadoes. Ron Ex of The Cure, Fools Dance & The Damned. and the Record Labels pioneering premier act Psykick Holiday plus new hot Scottish act Snakeskin Shoe Review & musical virtuoso Peter Lewington
A new style of music is also pioneered & previewed by The Alien Orchestra UK (featuring the astounding vocals of Jocasta) Those hearing initial mixes said their version of Chi Mai was like a spiritual experience.

It’s an eclectic but imaginative reinterpretation of many themes from including a Flamenco version of Pulp Fictions ‘Misirlou’ . The tracks range from catchy songs to experimental soundscapes and an interesting adventure awaits the listener. (full track list below) FLR is known to have released many limited edition collectible releases (Many deleted and changing hands for big money) FLR also listen to fans. With streaming & download now the norm many hardcore fans have said they much preferred to have a CD of this release and so we have done a limited edition shrink wrapped CD of just 500 copies. (so they won’t hang around long)

Order your copy here

Track listing:

1 .Beat Girl by Shame About the Girl
2. Need Your Love (Up the Junction) by Laurie Biagini
3. Fireball XL5 by DollSquad
4. Misirlou (Pulp Fiction) by Peter Lewington
5. Aqua Marina by Dave Mayberry
6.Theme from Bullitt by Terry Wicks
7. A View to a Kill by Psykick Holiday
8. Theme from Budgie by Glenda Collins
9. Theme from Edgar Wallace Mysteries by Peter Lewington
10.Burning Bridges (Kelly’s Heroes) by Terry Wicks
11. Chi Mai (theme from Lloyd George) by The Alien Orchestra UK
12. World is Not Enough by Psykick Holiday
13. The Likely Lads theme by The Snakeskin Shoe Review
14. The X files by Ron Howe
15. Beat Girl (Vocal version) by Maiko

You can check out the Dave Mayberry’s version of Aqua Marina right here!

Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.

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