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The Secret Service soundtrack – coming soon on CD (& vinyl)!

The Official Gerry Anderson Store is excited to offer you a new CD soundtrack release from Silva Screen: The Secret Service! The origins...

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Captain Scarlet soundtrack now available to pre-order on CD and vinyl!

The Official Gerry Anderson Store is excited to offer you a new soundtrack release! Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, on either CD or a...


FAB Facts: The Lost Musical Score of Into Infinity

Derek Wadsworth provided the score for Into Infinity, also known as The Day After Tomorrow. This was the score that got him the...

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Space:1999 soundtracks coming soon from Silva Screen!

The latest Gerry Anderson soundtrack releases from Silva Screen Records have now been announced, giving Space:1999 fans double LP vinyl albums of the...

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Limited Edition Supercar Soundtrack Available

A Limited edition (500 worldwide) sherbert lemon two vinyl Supercar Soundtrack set is now available to pre-order for release in late March 2020....

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Future Legend Cult Themes Forever

Future Legend Records have released a brand new CD featuring themes from Fireball XL5 and Stingray, but just who are Future Legend and...

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UFO Soundtrack Announced!

This is great news for UFO fans – a UFO soundtrack has been announced by Silva Screen and it’s going to be available...

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Ten Gerry Anderson music masterpieces!

The many television series and films produced by Gerry Anderson were blessed with some of the greatest creative talents of their time, and...


Vote For Richard Harvey’s music on ClassicFM!

Are you a fan of Terrahawks? Are you a fan of music? Of course you are! That’s why we’re sure you’ll be delighted to hear...

Japanese Thunderbirds CD 2016

Thunderbirds Soundtrack Tops the Charts!

Now available from HMV Japan, Amazon Japan and CD Japan, this new recording of Barry Gray’s original score for Thunderbirds has reached number...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection