Gemini Force One on Kickstarter

Awesome new science fiction from Gerry Anderson,
legendary creator of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray and many more

Well, it’s finally here folks. You’ve been hypothesizing and postulating for weeks now, but we can finally tell you:

Gemini Force One (or GF1 for short) is a series of books, the concept and story of which were originally written by Gerry Anderson MBE, who colleagues, fans and journalists have described as the UK’s answer to Walt Disney or George Lucas.

Facebook launchWith Gemini Force One, Gerry planned to bring his worlds of action and adventure into the 21st century and into a new dimension – the written word. He hoped to encourage more young people to read and wanted to explore new possibilities offered by a series of novels. A literary narrative gives the reader a chance to get to know characters from the inside, not just outside and looking in as with television.

In the first adventure, BLACK HORIZON, 16-year old Ben Carrington and his mother, an Austrian Countess, join forces with secret rescue agency, Gemini Force. GF is the brainchild of charismatic billionaire Jason Truby, a software and telecoms entrepreneur who became a planetary household name by funding and even joining the first ever manned mission to an asteroid.

High-rise thrills launch the story from the first chapter, as Truby first spots Ben and Countess Caroline in action. But somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, trouble is brewing on an oil platform. Disaster looms…and only one agency has the speed and technology to respond.

GF1 will explore the human face of disasters, as well as the adventure. Main characters will experience tragic loss too, not just ‘non-player characters’.

Gerry began writing GF1 in 2008, but was unable to complete the first book due to rapidly worsening Alzheimer’s Disease, which stopped him working in 2012, before his untimely death in December 2012.

Kickstarter_com1-620x250Gerry’s younger son, Jamie, has enlisted best-selling author MG Harris to complete the first book in the way that his father would have wanted, and will be raising money to self- publish GF1 using the crowd funding platform Kickstarter. The funding campaign will launch on Thursday 5 September at

The first GF1 book will be released to Kickstarter backers in April 2014, with a full launch in August 2014 – to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Anderson’s iconic Thunderbirds TV series, which entered production in August 1964.


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