Invaders From The Deep!

Under the sea, hordes of aquatic aliens prepare to overthrow the people of the Earth!  Luckily for us, we’re protected from these oceanic terrors by the World Aquanaut Security Patrol and the fantastic flagship, Stingray (Stingray! Da-na da-na da-na!).

While many ferocious attacks are launched by King Titan, Lord of Titanica, there have been countless other undersea races that have attempted to destroy Marineville and wipe out humanity.

Let’s take a look at a few of the WASP’s other nefarious nautical nemeses. All hands, brace for terror and frights untold!

  1. Gadus – Hostages of the Deep
    This dastardly ne’er-do-well kidnapped Admiral Carson and his wife and held them hostage so he could lure Stingray and her crew into a deadly trap. When his initial plan fails, he captures Marina and tortures her in an attempt to reveal Troy’s plan.Gadus
  2. Maritimus of Solastar – The Big Gun
    A decorated soldier in the Solastar armed forces, Maritimus is tasked with testing the incredibly powerful Missile Ejector craft for a planned attack on the Terraineans. Just one direct hit from this awesome weapon is enough to obliterate and sink an island!Maritimus
  3. Eybron and Trell – Treasure Down Below
    I hope you’re not carrying any treasure, because these two goons will soon relieve you of it! Not content with mountains of gold in their underwater cave, these devious aliens aren’t above breaking out the ancient rack to use on uninvited guests. What a ghastly pair!EybronTrell
  4. Idotee – The Ghost Ship
    Oh boy, this guy’s one crazy villain! Having refitted an aging galleon as a submarine battleship and sunken a huge passenger vessel, Idotee takes on the Stingray crew. His favourite sadistic torture method? Tying his victims to chairs in front of timed spear launchers! Ugh!Idotee
  5. Nucella and Chidora – Emergency Marineville
    When it comes to hidden volcano bases, even SPECTRE would have to play second fiddle to Nucella and Chidora’s secret lair. Their aim was simple – destroy Marineville by obtaining the WASP Interceptor Missile frequency in order to render the base defenseless against rocket attack!ChidoraNucella
  6. Turata and Fragil – Deep Heat
    Phew, turn the heat down a little, these two are scorching! The last survivors of their once dynamic race, Turata and Fragil are trapped in the upper chamber of their city. In desperation, they lure Stingray to their base and attempt to hijack it, leaving Troy and Phones to be roasted!TurataFragil
  7. Grupa and Noctus – A Nut for Marineville
    After a successful test of their indestructible undersea attack craft, Grupa and Noctus set their sights on Marineville. When not even Stingray can succeed in destroying them, their confidence remains unshaken. With nothing to stand in their way, could Marineville finally be finished?GrupaNoctus
  8. The Alien – A Christmas to Remember
    You know what I hate? When an alien invasion threatens to ruin Christmas! Well, that’s just what this villainous chap tried to do in December 2064. With Phones’ life in danger, Troy must take a desperate gamble in an attempt to save his friend’s life (and Christmas too, of course!)ChristmasAlien


Well, thankfully all these villains schemes were foiled, but maybe next time we won’t be so fortunate! Did we miss our your favourite Stingray Villain? Comment and let us know who you think was the baddest of the bad!

Written by
Andrew Clements

A writer, film maker and self confessed Gerry Anderson fanatic. Free to good home.

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