Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson DVD Coming Soon!

lost worlds of gerry anderson DVDAnderson Entertainment and Network Distributing are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson DVD set.

Over the last two years Anderson Entertainment and a number of private collectors, TV historians, and Gerry Anderson enthusiasts have collaborated to recover a number of Gerry Anderson rarities, and some curios that were thought to be lost.

This release includes a number of Gerry Anderson pilots (The Investigator, The Day After Tomorrow and Space Police), as well as a lost (and forgotten) episode of Dick Spanner, a 1960s documentary made by A.P. Films, and Gerry Anderson’s directorial debut – an episode of You’ve Never Seen This – the project that cemented Gerry’s relationship with Arthur Provis, with whom he went on to form A.P. Films.

A second disc featuring additional content – rushes, recut trailers, cutting copy material, Here Comes Kandy, other goodies, and never-before-seen picture galleries make this release a real must for Gerry Anderson fans.

The two-disc set is set for release at the end of March 2015.

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