New Exclusive Gerry Anderson Patches Released

Three new ITV-licensed products have been added to the Gerry Anderson Store: a set of ‘in-universe’ patches from Thunderbirds, Space: 1999 and Fireball XL5.
Designer Chris Thompson explains: “The patches where designed to evoke the feel of classic N.A.S.A mission and Experimental construction patches. In the shows, patches had to be puppet sized which meant restrictions on their detail, here I wanted to make something that feels more like something you get today.
“The Eagle patch was inspired  by the patches used by the Space shuttle program in a way to represent it’s succession. Zero X is inspired by the patches used by the Apollo program while XL-5 is inspired by the F35”.
Fireball XL5 patch
Direct from the Fireball XL5 Universe, this patch would have been worn by the Space City research and development team working on the Fireball XL series – those behind the most famous of the XL series – Fireball XL5!
Thunderbirds Zero X patch
From the Thunderbirds universe (as well as Captain Scarlet!), this patch would have been worn by the crew of the infamous Zero-X from Thunderbirds are Go – featuring the names of the crew members: Travers, Martin, Newman, Pierce and Grant and the mission slogan: To encounter life as we don’t Know it!
Eagle Development team (1)
Finally from the Space: 1999 universe, this patch would have been worn by the technical and engineering teams that developed the Eagle transporter technology back on Earth.
The new Gerry Anderson patches are available from the official Gerry Anderson Store.

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