Thunderbirds Thursday: New Thunderbird 2 Collectible & Livestream Announcement

Get ready to soar into excitement with our electrifying livestream event – a celebration of the iconic Thunderbird 2, arguably one of the most extraordinary aircraft vehicles ever conceived!

Dive into the heart of a legendary debate among Thunderbirds fans: Which Thunderbird vehicle reigns supreme? Cast your vote and let your voice be heard during our thrilling livestream on Friday, February 16th, at 7 PM, exclusively on our YouTube Channel.

But that’s not all – we’re also unveiling an exclusive sneak peek at the special edition Thunderbird 2 collectible, a must-have treasure for any fan. This is a rendezvous you won’t want to miss.

To gear up for the ultimate decision, here’s a quick refresher on the contenders:

Thunderbird 1

Spearheading International Rescue’s fleet, this hypersonic aircraft, commanded by Scott Tracy, is the first responder to global emergencies. Its unparalleled speed and agility make it a marvel of engineering.

Thunderbird 2

The heavyweight champion of transport, piloted by Virgil Tracy. Thunderbird 2’s unmatched capability to carry an array of vehicles and equipment over vast distances secures its spot as a fan favourite. Its mysterious construction, a closely guarded secret, adds to its allure.

Thunderbird 3

A testament to human ingenuity, this SSTO (Single Stage To Orbit) spaceship, is vital for space rescues. Its bold red-orange design and vertical launch system are truly sights to behold.

Thunderbird 4

The undisputed king of underwater rescue, piloted by Gordon Tracy. Stationed within Thunderbird 2’s hangar bay, this compact submarine is always at the ready for aquatic emergencies.

Thunderbird 5

The eyes and ears of International Rescue, this space station monitors Earth’s communications for distress signals, making it an indispensable part of the team.

Join us for the full debate next week.

Prepare for a dynamic discussion with Willow, AC, Jack, Ben, and Chris as they debate their favourite Thunderbirds! Plus, get an exclusive first look at the upcoming special edition Thunderbird 2 collectible, soon to be available at the Gerry Anderson store.

Mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of Thunderbirds. It’s an event filled with nostalgia, innovation, and excitement – perfect for fans old and new.

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