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This week in Gerry Anderson news!

Attention Space City; it’s time for a real boss edition of the Gerry Anderson news roundup!

This week’s edition of the Gerry Anderson Podcast launched on Sunday night, and featured the first part of an interview with writer David K. Barnes, creator of the highly popular Wooden Overcoats podcast! If you prefer to stick with traditional audio-only rather than our new and improved video format you can still catch it (and all other previous episodes) every week either through our website or via your podcast platform of choice.

Also new this week over on the Gerry Anderson Randomiser Podcast (also available on all podcast platforms) there were ghostly goings-on for New Captain Scarlet, as the Skybase team faced a Chiller of an episode!

Our newly AI-upscaled Blu-ray release of The Day After Tomorrow is now in stock and shipping from the Official Gerry Anderson Store! No idea what this 1975 pilot film is all about? We’ve put together an article explaining everything you need to know here!

The Fireball XL5 Technical Operations Manual is now live for pre-order! If you missed out on the deluxe limited edition (still available at the time of writing) we still have plenty of the standard edition available to help all new recruits to the World Space Patrol learn everything they need to know about the XL5 universe and become a real boss spaceman!

As part of the celebrations surrounding the launch of the Fireball XL5 Technical Operations Manual, the Official Gerry Anderson YouTube channel hosted a special livestream last night with Jack Knoll and writer/artist Chris Thompson discussing everything you can expect from this lavishly illustrated book!

This week’s Thunderbirds Thursday article celebrated the creativity and dedication of the show’s legions of fans, with a look at several recent fan creations shared with us in the Gerry Anderson Podcast Official Listener’s Group on Facebook!

Stingray is coming to Talking Pictures TV! The archive television and film channel, which currently airs ‘new’ episodes of Fireball XL5 on Saturday afternoons at 3pm and repeats on Friday evenings at 6.30pm (and also shows the at-present off-air Thunderbirds), announced this week that it will begin airing Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s first colour Supermarionation series on Saturday March 2nd at 3pm!

Celebrating a birthday this week were Space Precinct actor (and Gerry Anderson Podcast co-host) Richard James (January 28th) and Joe 90, The Secret Service and UFO actor Keith Alexander (February 3rd), while popular Anderson episodes that first aired in the UK this week in years past include Supercar‘s premiere episode Rescue (January 28th 1961), Captain Scarlet‘s Shadow of Fear (February 2nd 1968), Fireball XL5‘s Wings of Danger (February 3rd 1963), ThunderbirdsDanger at Ocean Deep (February 3rd 1966) and UFO‘s The Man Who Came Back (Feburary 3rd 1971).

Don’t just stand there, Lieutenant! Tell them there’ll be another news roundup next week – or else they’ll feel real tooty!

Written by
Chris Dale

Writer, editor & voice actor on Big Finish's Doctor Who, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet audio ranges. Host of the Randomiser on the Gerry Anderson Podcast.

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