Thunderbirds Thursday Reimagined: Exploring Fan-Made Projects and Homages

Ever since Thunderbirds premiered in the 1960s, it has not only been a source of entertainment for legions of fans, it has also been a source of artistic inspiration. Whether it’s the heavy rescue equipment of International Rescue or the stylish subterfuge of Lady Penelope and Parker, there is bound to be something in the Thunderbirds universe to spark the ingenuity of any fan.

The unique miniature worlds of Supermarionation provoke imitation and imagination. Model making, puppet building, drawing, aerospace, or writing… These are just a few of the skills Thunderbirds fans have displayed. The sky’s the limit (unless it’s Thunderbirds 3 or 5) and all forms of creation are FAB! 

Here are just a few of our fans’ recent creations that they’ve shared with us in the Gerry Anderson Podcast Official Listener’s Group on Facebook!

Security is GO!

Of course, not everyone is satisfied with just 32 episodes of the original Thunderbirds. So why not imagine more? Iain McClumpha has gone one step further and created his own characters using spare parts from other figures in his collection. He’s even come up with his own storyline for these three, which he one day hopes to realise as an unofficial photocomic. Great work, Iain!

FAB Parenting at Play

Simon Reid has a 4½ year old son who is a big Thunderbirds fan! This FAB Dad took a kid-friendly audio player and loaded it with Barry Gray’s iconic themes for his son to listen to! He also went the extra mile to create some lovely pixel art, which we think you’ll agree really captures the spirit of International Rescue in a retro gaming style. Plus, Mum got into the act with a painting of Thunderbird 1! Jeff Tracy would approve. 

Drop Pod 4! 

Adam Reed went digging through his own personal past and uncovered some of his childhood Lego creations– including this very handsome Thunderbird 4 he estimates is 30 years old! Just because something isn’t commercially available, doesn’t mean you can’t use your creativity to come up with a new solution. In this case, it’s a design that is unique and contains lots of personal memories of time spent with his father. Thunderbirds are GO! Plus, a cheeky Stingray to go with it. 

Want to share your artwork with us? Join The Gerry Anderson Podcast – Official Listeners Group and post photos there or share on social with the #ThunderbirdsThursday – you may just find your work featured here!

Until next week, stand by for Action!

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