Stingray: The 1960’s Dinky Model That Never Was!

Stingray, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s first full-colour Supermarionation series, set sail on British television on October 4th 1964! As we now enter 2024, this year will be the show’s 60th anniversary and something very special is coming to the official Gerry Anderson store on Tuesday!

Now let’s get started, there’s no time to lose!

Stingray: Corgi Diecast Coming Tuesday 9th January!

The Corgi Diecast Stingray is the lead release of Corgis January to April releases.

Stingray, Captained by Troy Tempest was made using a combination of electronic marionette puppetry and scale model special effects. It was APF’s sixth puppet series and the third to be produced under the banner of “Supermarionation”.

This January we are very excited to be announcing The Dinky Model That Never Was to the official Gerry Anderson Store. Check back on Tuesday to find out what will be revealed!

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Anything can happen in the next half an hour!

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