beth chalmers


Pod 185: Beth Chalmers as Zeroid 35

When she’s not slugging it out in the boxing ring or voicing legions of characters in audio dramas, cartoons, and video games, Beth...


Pod 184: A Very Terry Christmas with Beth Chalmers

Are you suffering from a tragic lack of humorous remarks and elaborate puns this holiday season? Well, Christmas is saved by the Gerry...


Pod 177: Jules de Jongh (2/2)

THIS WEEK: Jules de Jongh discusses the underrated New Captain Scarlet, playing Harmony Angel, and overcoming obstacles in the production process. Moving to...

Terrahawks audio series 3 cover

Big Finish Terrahawks Audio Series 3 Stories and Cover Revealed!

Terrahawks Audio Series 3 News! After season two’s climactic finale, many fans may have worried that the Terrahawks were finished. But as always...

Prepare for life on Moonbase Alpha

UFO: The Complete Comic Collection