Big Finish Terrahawks Audio Series 3 Stories and Cover Revealed!

Terrahawks audio series 3 cover

Terrahawks Audio Series 3 News!

After season two’s climactic finale, many fans may have worried that the Terrahawks were finished. But as always with the cult 1980s show… you should expect the unexpected! Here comes Terrahawks audio series 3!

Series 3 will open with the reveal of Zelda’s incredibly evil and intricate scheme … and to give her credit, it was a spectacular and truly Machiavellian plan.

Terrahawks audio series 3 cover
Terrahawks audio series 3 cover by Tom Newsom

But the Terrahawks’ strength, skill and unity is able to snatch (a sort of) victory from the jaws of defeat – but with the loss of their leader – Tiger Ninestein.

When a devastating accident destroys Hawknest and with it the Terrahawks’ ability to restore the Ninestein’s personality and memories, this season explores the remaining Stein clones’ differences and their ability (or not) to step into a role that they were bred for – but it seems that nurture has caused nature some problems.

Denise Bryer, Robbie Stevens, Jeremy Hitchen, and Beth Chalmers return for another season of Gerry Anderson’s 1980s cult classic Terrahawks. And, as with season 2, they’ll once more be joined by a very special guest artist – whose identity will be revealed next month!

Terrahawks Audio Series 3 Stories

Series 3 is out in July 2017 and features eight brand new full cast audios featuring original series music and effects, as well as an extensive making-of documentary spread across five discs.

1: No Second Chances by Jamie Anderson
Zelda has pulled off the ultimate heist, and now her victory seems inevitable. To stop her, and against all the odds, at least one of the Terrahawks will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

2: The Wrong Clone Number by Terry Adlam
Leaderless and desperate, the Terrahawks turn to pun-meister Twostein. After his victory against Cy Splitter, the comedy clone’s arrogance could prove royally problematic for Earth’s defenders.

3: Set Sail for Mis-Adventure by David Hirsch
Another mission – another clone. Sixstein is drafted in to service for an escort mission. Professor Otto Maddix’s new weapon is travelling via the Atlantic ocean, and Zelda is poised and ready to take piracy to new extremes.

4: You Foe by David Hirsch
It’s the last chance for the Terrahawks to replace their lost leader. But it becomes a race against time as Zelda and her family try to take advantage of the final clone, Threestein’s, good nature.

5: Living Legend by Chris Dale
It’s time for Threestein’s first major mission, and he’s in for a treat – meeting one of his idols. But soon his encounter with galactic explorer Elias Crick proves that you should never meet your heroes.

6: The Prisoner of Zelda by Chris Dale
Threestein and Lois Price are kidnapped and taken to an unknown coastal location – where a bizarre village – The Community – becomes their prison. Where are they? Why are they here? Why are they all now addressed by letters rather than their names? And just who is the mysterious ‘Z’?

7: Star Crossed by Mark Woollard
It’s a case of Cloneo and Juliet – and Threestein’s final chance to prove himself as a capable leader. But when it comes to matters of the heart can a Stein clone overcome his genetic shortcomings?

8: Enemies, Negotiation and Deceit by Jamie Anderson
With both the androids and Terrahawks weary of the constant conflict and seemingly unending stalemate, a new approach is tabled. But will human (and android) nature allow the long-time enemies to settle their differences?

Terrahawks audio series 3 is out in July from Big Finish, and can be pre-ordered at a discounted rate from the Big Finish website until May 2017!

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