jeremy hitchen


Pod 152 – Jeremy Hitchen (3/3)

If you expected a mere two parts for an interview with the legendary Jeremy Hitchen then you should have expected the unexpected! Our...


Pod 151 – Jeremy Hitchen (2/3)

From working a day job to working for Gerry Anderson on Terrahawks! Jeremy Hitchen remembers hitching a ride with Anne Ridler, drinking beer...


Pod 150 – Jeremy Hitchen (1/3)

One hundred and forty-nine editions of the Gerry Anderson Podcast have all been leading up to this: it’s Jeremy Hitchen! The Terrahawks star...

Terrahawks audio series 3 cover

Big Finish Terrahawks Audio Series 3 Stories and Cover Revealed!

Terrahawks Audio Series 3 News! After season two’s climactic finale, many fans may have worried that the Terrahawks were finished. But as always...

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UFO: The Complete Comic Collection