Denise Bryer


Terrahawks: Zelda’s Night Before Christmas

Performed by Denise Bryer and written by Andrew T. Smith, Zelda from Terrahawks brings us her unique interpretation of a Christmas Eve favourite!...


FAB Facts: Star Fleet/X Bomber; often confused for an Anderson show!

Star Fleet (or X Bomber in its country of origin) is a Japanese sci-fi puppet show that aired in the 1980s, sometimes mistakenly...


Pod 185: Beth Chalmers as Zeroid 35

When she’s not slugging it out in the boxing ring or voicing legions of characters in audio dramas, cartoons, and video games, Beth...


Pod 177: Jules de Jongh (2/2)

THIS WEEK: Jules de Jongh discusses the underrated New Captain Scarlet, playing Harmony Angel, and overcoming obstacles in the production process. Moving to...


Obituary: Denise Bryer

We are extremely sad to report that Denise Bryer, best known to Anderson fans as the voice of Zelda in Terrahawks, has died...


FAB Facts: Married Couples of the Anderverse!

Barbara Bain and Martin Landau, alongside Denise Bryer and Nicholas Parsons are often the most notable married couples who worked on Anderson shows,...

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The Anderson actors of Big Finish

For more than two decades Big Finish Productions have been producing full-cast audio drama plays, and are undoubtedly best known for their Doctor...


60 Years of Four Feather Falls

Four Feather Falls was the third puppet television series produced by Gerry Anderson, and the first produced by his AP Films that wasn’t...

Denise Bryer interview Gerry Anderson podcast

Denise Bryer Interview on the Gerry Anderson Podcast

Denise Bryer is best known to Anderson fans as Zelda from Terrahawks, but she began work with Gerry Anderson on Twizzle playing Footso...

Denise Bryer celebrates 90

Denise Bryer Celebrates 90 Years with Danish Furniture Maker!

The longest ever serving Gerry Anderson voice artist, Denise Bryer, recently turned 90. As a vivacious, active and very happy nonagenarian, Denise’s ninth...

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