Denise Bryer Celebrates 90 Years with Danish Furniture Maker!

The longest ever serving Gerry Anderson voice artist, Denise Bryer, recently turned 90. As a vivacious, active and very happy nonagenarian, Denise’s ninth decade is being celebrated by Howe Furniture in Denmark who also celebrate their 90th year in 2018.

“We celebrate our 90th anniversary and we want to celebrate with other 90-year-olds. Denise is a true inspiration.
She is a lively, fun, passionate and creative 90-year-old lady, who pushes boundaries and still lives her passion every day.” say Howe on their website. And we can absolutely agree!

Having started on the earliest Gerry Anderson production – the Adventures of Twizzle where Denise played Footso the cat, she went on to have a long association with Gerry Anderson providing voices for Four Feather Falls and Terrahawks.

In the last few years, Denise has reprised her role as Zelda for three full audio series of Terrahawks, where she has been at her most evil!

If you want to hear some of Denise’s most iconic work, then why not check out Four Feather Falls and Terrahawks on DVD (with the latter also available on Blu-ray) at the Gerry Anderson store – as well as Denise’s fantastic contributions to the three Big Finish Terrahawks audio series volumes.

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